Dr. Nisheet Agni

MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

Dr. Nisheet Agni specialises in the management of disorders affecting the face and jaws. He maintains an exclusive practice limited to oral and maxillofacial surgery in Mumbai since 2011. He competed his MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from the renowned Sharad Pawar Dental College, Nagpur University, which ranks amongst the top 3 training institutes in this field all over India in 2008 under Prof. Dr. Rajiv Borle and Prof. Dr. Suhas Jajoo (Incharge Plastic Surgeon).


  • Richa Sood
    Superb, I had a really really bad tooth ache and was advised an extraction of wisdom tooth. I have a dentist Phobia so was very scared, but Dr. made me comfortable before starting the procedure and through out he kept me engaged in talking so that I don't stress out. Highly recommended.
    Richa Sood
  • Asadullah Ahmed Saiyed
    Very humble & very cooperative person. My daughter born with cleft lip problem, we were very demoralized then we took her to Dr. Nishit sir. He guided us brilliantly and my daughter is perfect now after treatment. Worth meeting such a kind person in this field.good work sir.
    Asadullah Ahmed Saiyed
  • Chandni Fatehchandani
    I just got my two wisdom tooth extraction done. One was surgical and other was non-surgical. Since it was my first surgery ever, I was very nervous and scared to go ahead. However Doctor made me calm before we started and with his jovial nature and a smiling face, he let my nervousness go away. When after the surgery he asked me if m I feeling ok. The loud response of "yes" from me led everyone laugh in the room. I recommend him to everyone. From "nervousness" to "happy" transition on my face said it all.
    Chandni Fatehchandani
  • Dipesh Parekh
    Excellent explanation & resolution of my problems. Very practical suggestions provided by the doctor.
    Dipesh Parekh