Now a days due to the traffic scenario as well as hi speed motor bikes facial injuries have become common. Also due to interpersonal violence and fights individuals might suffer from soft tissue injuries to the face which if not treated well can leave bad scars for a lifetime. Also facial bone fractures could result from the injury which if not treated well can lead to facial disfigurement and difficulty in chewing, speaking as well.

Dr Nisheet has been seeing these patients since last ten years and managing them successfully both from a cosmetic as well as functional viewpoint. Soft tissue injury needs to be managed precisely to attain a minimal scarring of the wound. Immediate closure of the wound (Suturing or stitching) should be done after thorough cleaning of the area and stitches are put using ultra thin stitches to make the scar as less visible as possible.

Also while treating the fractured bones in the face, the cuts are either placed inside the mouth or if used on the face they are such that the scar is hardly visible post surgery. However, this needs expertise and skill. Also adequate care should be taken to achieve good tooth contact so that the patient can chew his food normally after the healing period.

Also when the fracture involves the jaw joint, it is crucial to see an experienced surgeon to make sure that the fracture is treated well. Having trained in TMJ (Jaw Joint) surgery extensively, Dr Nisheet manages most of these cases surgically. Only patients with fractures of the head of the joint are to be treated conservatively. His expertise lets him decide which treatment modality best suits the patient.