Nose is the most prominent part of the face and plays an important role in facial aesthetics. A good looking nose adds a lot of value to the face. Rhinoplasty or nose job as it is commonly called is a surgical procedure to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose. Many a times there might be a functional issue related to the nasal septum (the central dividing cartilage of the nose). Such patients complain of difficulty in breathing from one side of the nose. Such patients improve a lot with a ‘SeptoRhinoplasty” instead of only “Septoplasty” where in only the central cartilage is excised or corrected.

Nasal surgery for cosmetic purposes can be done when there is a hump on the nose or there is a flatter nose. Also it can be done for people with drooping nasal tips, broad noses or asymmetric noses.

Rhinoplasty can be done using closed or open technique. Dr Nisheet usually uses the open technique for Septorhinoplasty as this technique gives a more predictable result in his hands. In this technique the cuts are taken at the base of the nose (Columella) such that they are not visible post surgery as they are hidden in the shadow area. Rest of the surgery is done from within the nose. During nose job surgery the cartilages of the nose are reshaped, the central cartilage is centralised, the breadth of the nose is reduced if it is wide to narrow down the nose. (pic) In case if there is no bone in the central portion of the nose and the nose is flat, it is built using cartilage from the septum or ear or from the rib. None of the scars are visible and are so created that they maintain the aesthetic outcome of the procedure.