Facial cosmetic surgery includes surgical procedures to improve the facial appearance such as Scar revisions including scar reduction using lasers, Blepharoplasty ( to reduce the sagging skin from around the upper eyelid) or lower eyelid bag reduction (removing fat bags from around the lower eye lid), Facelift ( to tighten the loose hanging skin in the face to look younger).

Scars appear on the face due to previous injuries and surgeries. They often look more prominent and spoil the facial aesthetic appeal. These can be reduced by surgical means such that the scars are hidden in the shadow areas of the face and are barely conspicuous to others. Non surgical means such as Laser scar reduction using fractional CO2 lasers can also be used. However it needs a few sittings (usually between 6-8) depending on the size and site of the scar. Post surgical care of the scar is needed to minimise its visibility by massaging the scar twice to thrice daily with a special creams and silicon sheets if needed. Also direct exposure to sunlight and other bright lights emitting UV radiation should be avoided to prevent hyper pigmentation (darkening ) of the scar.

Ear lobule repair is done for people who develop elongation of the ear piercing due to wearing of heavy jewellery. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure and the patient can go back the same day.